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Fuel leak, possible update?

This may be a part II to my earlier thread about air leakage into the fuel line
Fuel/Starting issue 86 300SDL

86 300DSL 205Kmiles or so

Sadie has been sitting since Christmas Eve, when the master cylinder went out. Sitting nose down in a slightly inclined driveway. Was traveling and then waiting on parts, etc, but got her done tonight.

I have noticed what I thought was an oil leak, but with the cold and her not in use I hadn't given it a lot of thought. While working on the master cylinder I realized it is diesel leaking. At the top of the injectors there is wetness around each inlet. Appx 2 cups (total guess) has hit the ground.
This has started either since my MB mechanic changed the glow plugs and tried (unsuccessfully 5 times) to find where the air leak into the fuel was, or since I started parking her nose down in the drive way. Both around the same time, so not sure if one or the other means anything.

First place to start in on this? I noted in another thread, I am a pretty good mechanic, but only about a year into diesels, so I would rather hear from some of you seasoned folks with where to go first. Probably not back to the same MB guy. I have been getting bad feedback from 2 other MB owners on that shop, which I hate to hear. He has serviced Sadie since 91 or 92, but has seemed to have problems fixing anything that has come up with her in less than 2 tries lately...I do know his #1 mechanic opened his own shop, so he may just not have the expertise he had before...



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