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You have a bit of a problem as you can't move the sunroof to the half open position since the cable is no longer attached to the roof. So, you have to pop the front edge of the roof liner off the sunroof outer, metal panel. It is held on by MB spring clip fasteners - little metal spikes with a head that have a widened shaft made of strips of spring steel. They squeeze together to fit in a hole, and once in the hole, spread back out so they won't come back out of the hole. I believe there are 4 or 5 them evenly spaced across the front edge of the roof panel. You have to get a blunt, wide, thin bladed knife and push it under the liner and pull/pry down to pop the clips out. The middle one is easiest. As you approach the outer edges, it gets more difficult as the liner is substantially wider than the inside hole in the roof, so the edges are trapped between the roof panel and rest of the roof liner (at the edges of the opening in the roof). Be careful, but if you deform the roof slightly is it not the end of the world.

Only pop the clips, do not try to pull the liner down, yet. Once the front edge is free the liner is free. Carefully push the liner rearward, into the space between the roof liner and the actual steel roof. Once you get it about half way or more back, you should be able to see the problem. The cable attaches to a device that locks and drops the roof at the rear, to let it open. Old, simple roofs that only had a retracting feature are much easier to work on - and my experience is limited to those. But the idea is to manually reach in there and unlock the roof, then shove it back. Once the roof is open about half way, you can pull the liner forward and then out the opening in the roof as the external hole in the roof is larger than the liner and it just comes out.

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