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*Disclaimer... any modifications mentioned here are for off-road use only...*

Moving on... alright so I have some time stacked up here to work on the exhaust for my car. How should I go about putting straight pipes instead of the cat? The front is welded and the back has a flange. I can cut the front connection to the cat but then what? How do I attach a pipe to the end of the headers witout welding? How should I go about attaching the other end of the pipe to the flange? Also, what would be the best place to buy an appropriate piece of pipe for cheap? Finally, I noticed that JB-weld has a max operating temp of 600 f... I coulnd't imagine the exhuast getting hotter than that, so I suppose I could use jbweld to attach things, but... would the cat get hotter than 600? I want to be able to reatach the cat when the time comes, and it seems that I would have to at least weld on a type of sleeve that would attach to the end of the headers, but I have no real welding experience, nor do I have access to a welder...
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