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Need New Head

Hi All:

I need help finding a new head for a '87 300e with a 2.6 engine. Is the 260e's head interchangable with this too? Can anyone help me find a good used head?

How is this for bad luck. My friend just purchased this car about two weeks ago from someone leaving for the mainland. It looked good, ran good and his mechanic gave it the once over too. The car was running smooth but was running a bit hot but not close to redline. I checked his coolant only to find oil in it. No coolant in the oil. Did the pressure check, sure enough, pressure dropped. Still wasn't sure where the fluid was leaking since no obvious leaks left under the car. He drove it for 30 minutes and got back. Car was still running a little hot but not overheating but the coolant level dropped again. Left it overnight and when we started it in the morning, water and oil came out of the small hole in the muffler. Bad News!

How would the oil get into the coolant? I thougth when you blew a head gasket, you have coolant go into the oil.

Oh well, we just got done pulling the head (what a long day, "Amature Hour") early this morning and I found something wierd. It had two head gaskets on there. Just by putting a carpenters level to the head, you can visibly see slight warpage. Is this from the two gaskets or someone knowing that the head is warped and used two gaskets to seal the head to the engine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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