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'98 SL500; Can Fuel Gauge illum bulb be changed 'in situ'?

I saw a thread here that said left-hand instrument cluster bulbs could all be accessed from underneath once knee bolster cover was removed.

I see all the warning lamps @ bottom and they are easy, but the cluster illumination bulbs are mounted higher and the plastic cover on the back makes thing tight and visibility is blocked. I got one changed that was higher and seemed like it was about centered on the fuel gauge but it wasn't the right one either.

I look at the view of the back of the instrument cluster in the service dvd and I see where the one I want is. I think I must have got the fuel reserve indicator lamp.

Can that left-most cluster illumination bulb be removed from underneath?

Is it covered up by the plastic cover?

I may have to make some of the puller tools if all else fails. I could get slight movement by pushing on the left side, but I see that the puller tools ARE required to get that cluster pulled forward.

Am I wasting my time with trying to do it from underneath?

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