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Tried to get it pushed forward, but can't get it out

I can't seem to get enough push to get it past the spring clip on the bottom side.

I noted this sort of spring clip on the bottom side that has to come up over a ridge on the instrument cluster. I couldn't get it past that. I can only push on the left side as the key/steering lock pretty much blocks access on the right side.

I'll have to revisit this later.

Regarding replacement with LED's, I don't think these will be forthcoming soon. The form factor of the bulb & holder is pretty small. The LED can certainly be made small, but bringing the voltage down from 12V to under 2V would be quite a drop across a simple series resistor and the LED has a non-linear I/V curve so that complicates things.

The aftermarket 12V LED replacement bulbs that I have seen use a series-parallel connected array of LED's to better deal with the large voltage difference. I have bought some of these and ended up sending them back because they don't work well at all in reflectors not designed for them.

Hi power LEDs are definitely the way to go, but these are in new cars. They can last a long time, but I know the replacement assys are expensive. A $300 taillamp assy to balance with the $300 headlamp assy.
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