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High Idle - FOLLOW UP

Turns out its gotta be Control Unit, cuz I think I fixed it.

I decided to pull the unit. Since I had nothing to lose, I went the route of resoldering all of the leads (as recommended in many posts). When I reattached unit, idle immediately dropped to around 600. As I did the bendy/twisty, it would attempt to surge, so I re-soldered again. Lo & behold, it has stayed at 600 rpms at idle. Still has a very slight miss (but I think this is due to last mechanic trying to adjust the idle). Fingers are crossed that this indeed may be a permanent fix.

It should be noted that I am nothing more than a tinkerer - and probably had no business attempting this procedure. But hey, sometimes we get lucky.

Thanks to the many posts and valuable insight on this subject. Will keep all posted as to the longevity of this "fix".

Now, if I could only find that idle adjustment screw....

1982 380SL
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