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Wow such nice forum friends

I couldn't believe all of you have so many things to tear my eyes.
And the impression of those who have expeienced the XG350, I'm more impressed everyday. I look at the sheet metal alignment the air gap between the components.i.e doors to body hood to body etc. What a joy my little(?) kimchee burner is.

Now back to the Shop manuals.
Sorry I didn't identify the manuals;
Electrical Trouble Shooting W124 1986-92
Service Manual Chassis and Body, series 124 Vol 1 & 2
Service Manual engine 103
Maintenance Manual Mdlyr.1981-93
Service Manual Automatic Climate Control, Mdl 124
Technical Data Passenger Cars Mdl 107 starting 08/1985,
Mdl 124
Mdl 126 starting 09/1985 to 12/1988
mdl 200 starting 01/1985 to 12/1988
M/B Usa Mdl Designation All Passenger cars t0 MY 2001

The cut off day for bids will be 7-13-2002
Bids to date 7-7-02
Jim S. $35.00
Phil F. $80.00
Gary G.$50.00
Doug. $30.00
David B. $25-30.00
Richard E. $20.00 for A/C manual only
As you can see there are those who realise the value of this complete set of manuals.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston.
Just truckin on down the road in my Korean Lincoln
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