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a/c still working for no benefit on '86 300E

Greetings All,

Although I mentioned it before on another post I have kind of ignored the problem with to many other things to do in my spare time. This is quite a weird problem for an a/c system to exhibit. I can push the button for the a/c to come on and the compressor runs fine, and doesn't cycle off but there is absolutely no cooling air coming out of any interior vent. The center vents blow air, but that is ambient temp as well. Looking in the sight glass it has bubbles starting up but quickly clear out and the freon appears mostly clear to off yellow in color. When touching the intake and discharge lines coming off the compressor, there seems to be little difference in temp. After going through the archives it seems like any possible problem could be used as an excuse as to why this unit is not functioning. Any way to troubleshoot the unit to narrow down the selections of possible problems?
Thanks for any input or ideas or even related incidents that you can provide.

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