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Failed Smog - Help!

Hi everyone,
I finally decided to pick up a 1987 260E for a reasonable price. So I went to my nearby smog center and had it tested. It took quite a while so I knew that it did not pass, however, it was not much. It only failed HC. Here are the readings:

15 MPH MEASURED = 131 MAX = 110 FAIL

Now for the variables: I did not change anything before the test. The only thing I did was to pull the R16 reference resistor to see if I get more power ( it felt like it anyway). I had so far put it back in and removed/replaced the battery cable to reset the computer (just for GP). I also changed the spark plugs (no sign of rich or oily mixture), wires, and distributor cap/rotor, oil and filter. When I replaced the air filter, there was a pool of oil right where the breather tube exits into the air cleaner (Is this normal?). Based on previous thread readings, I noticed that the plug for the Lambda tower is missing or removed (I did not touch this at all). There's also a muffler leak that I patched and will replace as soon as I get it smogged and registered on my name.

In addition to the steps above, any suggestions from the forum to get my HC reading down? By the way, the tires are 195-65-15 (correction: they're 205-65-15s) which makes the speedometer register about 10 MPH slower than actual speed. Will this make a difference also?

Thanks in advance.


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