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Towing Capacity of 86 300E?

I'd like to tow a small to medium size tent trailer behind my '86 300E. Does anyone know what the maximum allowable trailer weight is, as well as the max. tongue weight? The ones I've been looking at have a GVWR of 1750 to 3070 lbs., an unloaded tongue weight of 170 lbs and a tongue rating of 350 lbs.

Does this sound like something my car could handle easily?

I've read in a previous post that some models have a higher weight rating for the Euro model (7000 lbs) than for the US model (5500 lbs), possibly for liability concerns. Can I reasonably assume that the same would apply to my car?

Also, does the stock wiring harness have any provision for plugging in a trailer light/brake harness and can M-B (or anyone else) supply an aux. trailer harness so that I don't have to use 3M splice connectors or the like?

Is there anything in particular I should do to the car to ensure reliability while towing?


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