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'86 300E Aux. Fan Just Died!

Well, I've only had this car for a couple of weeks and I'm planning to take the family on a vacation in it, so I guess it's a good thing that I'm having these problems now instead of on the road. (I'm still working on the hard starting when hot problem)

I was driving around today and noticed that the engine temp seemed a bit higher than usual in city traffic with the AC on. When I got home, I popped the hood and found that the fan wasn't running, while the temp gauge was almost in the red. I figured it had died and gave it a spin by hand out of frustation and, lo and behold, it started to run, very slowly at first and then a little faster. It never got fully up to speed, though. I put my fingernail in the center of the spindle and pressed it and the fan sped up. The harder I pressed, the faster it spun. If I released all pressure, it didn't stop, but slowed down quite a bit.

Anyhow, I figure that the spindle bearings are bad, so two questions:

Can I remove the fan from the front without removing the radiator? (there's a loop of metal tubing in front of the fan that
I'm hoping can just be eased forward enough to let the fan by)

Can the motor be rebuilt or replaced, or do I have to replace the entire fan/shroud assembly?

Thanks for any help

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