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What's wrong with the car? Here's the list of problems;

1) Just about every hydraulic cylinder (for the soft top) is leaking.
2) The rear storage compartment cover (behind the seats) is missing.
3) Many wood trim and plastic moldings are broken (caused by previous owner [idiot] with screwdriver and pliers).
4) Needs to be repainted (looks like someone [idiot] used a brush).
5) Struts are totally shot (no dampening whatsoever).
6) Same with the rear shocks.
7) A/C system is leaking, likely at the condenser, but who knows where else or what else is needed.
8) It's been wrecked before (mild impact to right front)
9) Right hood spring is missing.
10) Needs new front bumper (cracked and poorly repaired)
11) Odometer broken (stuck at 102,000).
12) Radio missing.

Here's what I know is good;

1) Engine runs good and has a smooth idle
2) Transmission and drive line seem good.
3) Soft top is not torn; Hard top ok as well.

I figured the cost of repair (parts [not counting my time] may in fact put me over the cost of another SL in good condition.

Thanks for the input guys.
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