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Well 2Phast I know we've talked, and thought I'd show you this since its what you are porbably looking for.

The Engine looks great, don't know how gready he might be, but to do this install with a 2.3-16v is actually not bad at all.

The only things that need to be changed, are the cruise control harness (if you have cruise control on, and hit the clutch, the revs increase if you don't hit the break, and the reverse light (which you can actually make your own harness by changing the pins.)

I actually have my 2.3-16v sitting at Rick from RC-Imports since he was suppose to do the conversion, but I haven't been in DC, and won't be until fall. Feel bad its sitting at his shop, but he supplied me with all the information to do the swap. He told me, the 2.3-16v radiator that I have isn't even needed to be swapped out, he said the stock radiator can just have the auto cooler lines plugged. The front half drive shaft is included, along with the pressure plate, clutch cylinder and plate, brake and clutch pedal, shifter, and everything. Only thing missing is the stupid console wood which has a different opening for the manuals which I haven't had time to look for.

I was considering a C36 engine swap, since the Engine was rebuilt going for like $3500 on ebay, and another Electro TEC 2 for 6 cylinders for like $1150. But that man hours are incredible.

Instead, the 300SL engine is real easy to bolt on, and Mike Skees did this conversion along with Rick since they raced their 190Es. Mike actually use to work at Potomac German Auto, and told me its a very simple install. He even mentioned ways of getting the motor up to 250+hp without much work.

Granted the KEH feul injections aren't the best, but it sure is the easiest. If I had the money, I'd do what Dr. Piad did and rev the C36 engine to 8000 rpm and 350 hp, but I guess conservatism in best.

The 300CE tranny I heard was used for most of the other transplants, but only until about 240 lb ft. They said when Brabus and other tuners started getting heavy in to torque, they were upgraded, but still used those trannys because they were 5-speed auto, which I didn't know about.

I still picked the 2.3-16v cause its what MB Doc, BenzMac, Rick from RC-Imports, Dr. Piad, and more used since the stock Getrag trany has more parts available, and had the most torque handling characteristics. I asked RennTECH about the tranny (very similar tranny in 300SL 90-93 actually) and they said the tranny was never upgraded since it was the Getrag unit, and could easily handle 350 lb. ft. of torque)

I know someone overseas actually has done this conversion, and then lowered the compression in these engines, and then went and turboed the 300SL engine (changed a few internals) and was getting 310 hp off 4-6 psi) but I haven't been able to get any further with follow ups with that gentleman.

Its Rick that actually steered me away from the C36 install using an Electro TEC 2, so thats what turned me down from that project.

If you need emails, send me your email address I can try and forward all the emails I've made over the 2 years in trying to get this conversion done.

PS I like your wheels
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