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1) Just about every hydraulic cylinder (for the soft top) is leaking. - can ll be rebuilt for $400 - search over at benzworld

2) The rear storage compartment cover (behind the seats) is missing. - get some wood and carpet and make your own.

3) Many wood trim and plastic moldings are broken (caused by previous owner [idiot] with screwdriver and pliers). - ebay

4) Needs to be repainted (looks like someone [idiot] used a brush). - depending on qulaity you are after, $1,000 can buy a nic driver paint job, or less if you do it yourself

5) Struts are totally shot (no dampening whatsoever). - fins some nce used ones for $100

6) Same with the rear shocks. see above

7) A/C system is leaking, likely at the condenser, but who knows where else or what else is needed. - put the top downa nd forget about it

8) It's been wrecked before (mild impact to right front) - if chassis or structure damage- hmmm? if just cosmetic,who cares.

9) Right hood spring is missing. - not sure

10) Needs new front bumper (cracked and poorly repaired) - ebay

11) Odometer broken (stuck at 102,000). - if you plan to keep and drive for a long time, find a used guage cluster on ebay for abotu 300 with close mileage

12) Radio missing. - $150 on EBAY.

not cheap for sure, if you plan to keep and drive for a long time maybe worth it. if your plan is to sell you will struggle to get your money back out of it.
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