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Randall Grubbs
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I haven't done it on my E500 but I did take the intake off my 928. It shouldn't be too difficult - big picture - will need to remove wiring harness, fuel rail, throttle linkage, probably pull injectors, then unbolt intake. I assume throttle body and MAS can stay attached or you can pull apart. Don't drop anything into the heads while its apart (I put shop rags in the intakes) There will be hoses and vaccuum lines you will need to disconnect, just remember where they all go so you can reconnect. Take some pics beforehand if you can. Good time to replace rubber parts and anything else you can't normally get to (knock sensor(s)??). Can get injectors balanced/blueprinted. Make sure you use a torque wrench when you put the intake back on.

Good luck - have fun - and learn!

'00 S500
'94 E500
'93 928GTS
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