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Yeah it can cause car to miss

Thanks Placo1 / Randall.

Placo, I believe that the gaskets are rubber and fit each runner individually. With the heat that these thing generate,the gaskets become hard/ brittle/warp and when they begin to seep air, the car will miss.
I, like everyone else, have replaced all the electrical stuff and had the car spec'd out via diagnosic scope.An Independent shop found the miss to be vacuum related and replaced a few gizmos. Closing off the leaks in other areas only exaserbated the leak at the intake. So the final "low tech"diagnosis was done by spraying a highly flammable substance all around the vacuum hoses and any leak would cause the substance(brake cleaner) to be sucked into the system, causing the car to leak. I sprayed and sprayed and finally hit paydirt both at the drivers front side of the intake and inside the intake near the same area infront of the TBA.(which is newly installed(by me) and removed/reinstalled by the independent when chasing down vacuum gremlins. I have the CD and have looked up the procedure for R/R but was just looking/hoping to get insight from someone who has done it maybe a time or two. I've done it on my 94 530i BMW V8 but its a little different , not unlike the 928 which also is a little different. It shouldn't be too difficult, we'll just see how it goes.

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