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'91 190E (201 chassis) 2.6**no start**

I am looking at a '91 190E w/2.6L (US) for a friend. Car is currently a no-start (cranks fine). Things that he has done include: replace MAS, check electro-hydraulic actuator current/OK, check timing and Dwell/OK, check Crank sensor/OK, check 4-pin engine coolant sensor/OK, replace coil. My friend says that he can get it to start with ether--I haven't been able to. I checked the Cold start injector-no power to it w/ 10Kohm resistance in place of ECT. I've checked spark--present but appears 'weak'. I've just pulled the distributor cap--it looks 'original'--that is, worn and corroded.

I'm guessing thinking that I have two problems here--weak spark and no cold start.
As the coil has been replaced, I feel that a new cap and rotor are in order. As for the cold start valve, what actually turns it on? The ECU? I know that in slightly older models the fuel pump relay provided power, but with this unit, I haven't got a clue.

If you have any spare clues, they'd be much appreciated.

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