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500E vs. 190E 16v

Okay. Right now I can't afford either of these (even the 300TE isn't mine), but I just *know* I will have one of these one day. So it remains to decide which one.

I like the auto in my 190E 2.0 too much to switch to a manual, so I would probably be looking at an auto 16v. I'm in the UK, so get choice of 185 bhp 2.3 and also 205bhp 2.5.
How does the 16v fare with the auto? I hear it would be less 'sharp' (although a 2.0E isn't sharp, it can be made to be sharper by nifty working of the shift lever)

And then, there's 500E. Does this handle as well as a 190E 16v?
Does it feel a reasonable size, or at all 'nimble', like my 190E is?

I *don't* want a 'freeway/autobahn car' - I have regular use of an Audi A8 4.2 with 300hp, but don't really love driving it, as it's too big to drive quickly anywhere but on the freeway - and where's the point in that?

I guess I'd have to think about cost of running and repairs, though I could do much of the work myself.

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