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Fimum Fit
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Current signature line says:

"Quothe Obi wan Kenobi: "May the Force be with you" (using the more personal theological interpretation of "The Force" -- crude materialists may prefer to substitute _vis_ for _numen_, but in either case, it is clear to me as a Latin professor that the verb should be _adsit_ with the dative of interest _tibi_, not "sit tecum," as many Latin students would put forth as their first guess).

Sometimes I also use "Dixit Arrius Sordidus: 'Perge, ut dies mihi perficiatur!'" ("Said Dirty Harry: 'Proceed, in order that the day be completed for me!'"). Both of these are very useful for illustrating certain fundamental differences between Latin and English style and structure in class. My nom du keyboard, _Fimum Fit_, however, would best be translated as "Dung Develops" (Imitating the alliteration of the Latin) or "Excrement Occurs." More colloquial translations are, of course, also possible.

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