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I also had the opportunity to participate (mommy, can I help bake the cake scenario) in the replacement of my timing chains, rails, oil filter check valve and oil pump and its checkvalve while looking over the shoulder of my mechanic/friend.

While dismantling my old 2.7L 911 never alarmed me, this one does.

FIRST, GET THE CD ROMS! They provide great instructions. Missing something can be catastrophic.

(1) Unless you are a pro, I think it takes more than one person.
(2) Remember the engine has variable valve timing (I don't believe this is an issue unless you choose to freshen up the heads while you are in there, which I did).
(3) Be certain to lower the oil pan just a little, enough to allow the timing chain cover to clear on re-installation, or you will crack it ($800 part) (FOOTNOTE: THE CD ROM / WORKSHOP MANUALS DON'T TELL YOU THIS)
(4) Many recommend replacement of the timing chain rails (plastic) while you are at it to prevent an embrittlement failure with plastic parts then floating around near the chains (not good)
(5) investigate the condition of the wiring harness while you are in this far as the M119's are famous for the heat of the engine deteriorating the wiring harness.
(6) As others have pointed out, there is much available on this site, use the search function asking for "racka racka"

Not trying to scare you from these cars, they are INCREDIBLE,
but like anything there are areas to pay attention, and the above are some of those areas.

The old saying goes "Ounce of prevention or Pound of cure" is truly appropriate for these high end performance cars.


Good Luck

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