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1986 500 SEC - Possessed? Exorcist please!

I hope someone can help me with this! I posted and original thread about my 500 sec stalling intermittently, for no rime or reason, no special situation, cold or hot, doesn't matter! The most popular answer was the fuel pump relay, replaced it, now the entire fuel system is brand new, from the pumps to the injectors, it didn't fix it. But i noticed a querky thingin the past couple of days, it only happens when the a/c is running?!? I could drive all day with no problems unless i turn the a/c on, then it intermittently stalls, sometimes after 5 mins, sometimes after 1 hour, and for the life of me, i can't figure this out! If anyone has any suggestions, please HELP me! I would appreciate any help i can get!!! Oh, after about 30 seconds it will start right up, no problem, and the a/c is also intermittent, comes on when it feels like it!
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