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Class II Trailer Hitch Needed - 300E

I'm looking for a bolt-on Class II receiver/hitch for my '86 300E and not having much luck. The only thing I've found so far is one from Hidden Hitch made for a 99-2001 E-Class. Does anyone know if this might fit my car? (I've asked them to send me the dimensions, but it won't arrive for a few days)

Otherwise it seems the only other alternative is to have a hitch permanently welded to the chassis, which I'm not real keen on.

I've already tried Putnam, Reese/Drawtite, Hidden Hitch and Da'Lan, with no luck.

Anyone have any knowledge of a Class II hitch that will fit my car?

Did Mercedes ever offer one? (My local dealer pleads complete ignorance on anything related to towing)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We're trying to get ready for a vacation in early August.


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