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Dan, thanks for the insight. It will be a few weeks before I will get a chance to crawl under the car and uncork the exhaust but I will give it a shot and post the results. You indicated that if the CAT is bad it will be an expensive repair... How expensive are we talking???? Is there an after market replacement???

Part of the reason that I won't be able to look at the CAT problem is that my priority just got changed on me. Last weekend out of nowhere my air conditioning just quit and I can deal with reduced porew above 4000RPM more than no air conditioning in commute traffic. The compresor doesn't kick in at all, but I can run a "hot" wire to it and the clutch kicks and it begins to turn so I am thinking a relay or switch somewhere. I have checked all fueses and they look good. What is strange is that o few times before it quit for good, it would stop cooling and if I turned the AC off and back on it would start cooling again. I don't know much about AC so unless I find a bad switch or sensor I will have to take it to an expert... Any ideas??? Thanks again for the help

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