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Readings, and update on a/c situation

Greetings All,

This thread is becoming a mystery novel. Today I went out and hooked up the gauges again after checking all the sensors inside, outside, evaporator, etc. for proper ohm readings. All checked out within spec. Here are some of the pressure readings I got and all are psi not bar.

Before start up on cold engine

low side 78psi
high 85 psi

at start up

low 11
high 135

operating temp

low 10
high 145

compressor off engine running

low 37
high 125

compressor running 15 minutes

low -20
high 125

filled 12 ounces of freon into system and low pressure came up to
45-60 psi and high side to about 230 psi cool air present for test drive but only last about 15 minutes.

Vehicle shut off for about an hour and started back up with low side around 45psi on start up and high around 125 psi fan was bypassed to continue running and temp in vehicle cooled for about 15 minutes till suction pressure dropped to about 15 psi and high side to about 140 psi, bubbles still evident in sight glass.

Can someone tell me what the heck is going on here? Is there a leak I overlooked or what component is malfunctioning? I'm just trying to cool off the wife so please have a little mercy here. I can't believe the compressor has gone tits up but think the aux fan switch probably has but the overall temp has remained pretty close to 85-90 c so there really shouldn't be a problem. Tell me your thoughts I'm all ears.

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