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how long does a 190E typically last?

I am trying to find out how long these cars typically last. i have an 88 2.3 8v with about 170k on it. i bought it a little over a 2years ago and have since then invested at least 6k in repairs, suspension, cooling, driveshaft, brakes, etc. nothing overly major, like engine or tranny, but knowing these cars, little things cost big money. the a/c just copped out on me, i don't intend on fixxing it, that would cost almost 2k, but i want to know if it's worth keeping the car or just selling it now and getting a new one. i'm a student and really can't afford a new car, so i need to have this as long as it will last. it still runs very well, but i'd hate for it to suddenly die on me when i could've gotten rid of it already. realible cars, yes no? keep acouple more years or get out before it pulls the big one on me? thanks for your priceless advice
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