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Han. Check out Fletcher jone Mercedes benz. Its an auth service dealer in Vegas.

Read on some post.

IF all fans are coming on, with AC off and on,and there are no leaks then this is conforming to factory intent. Make sure around
95-105 degree C. That your fan clutch(the mechanical fanblade) if spinning and not free wheelin/if all is good. Rec looking up Jim F.
He has a harness that fools the temp sensor tells it,that its runing hotter and turns the fans on sooner. Alot of use have them on our cars/its helps tremendously.

The belly pan,might be a good Idea I myself leaving it on,just to protect the undercarrige even though its thin its some protect just in case you hit something on the freeway or run something over it won't damage any engine components.

Welcome Han
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