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Fuel Pump Relay??


I have an 86 300E with about 153k who will not start. I have a very quiet fuel pump (no juice back there on the contacts). Fuel Pump relay clicks to ears and touch when key turned on. Car does not start, not at all, but cranks away nicely. Just did tune up, plugs, cap, rotor, wires, oil and filter, air filter. I do still need to do fuel filter. Car was running the day before, albeit rough idle and slightly difficult warm starts (usually needs a little pedal), which was way better than before the tune.

So, is this for sure a fuel pump relay, or are there other possibilities which would make my fuel pump so quiet??


I am pretty sure I have answered my question. I pulled the relay and bridged 7&8. The pump was whirring away like a champ.
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