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Question Intermitent A/C Problem ?

I have a 98 W202.

The other night, I noticed that my a/c was not blowing cold air. The following morning, when I started the car, the A/C blew cold air for about 5 mins. ( I always have it on AUTO 68 degrees), then it was back to 'normal' temperature air again.

So I called my mechanic to set up an appointment for the afternoon. I was praying that my A/C will fix itself, and it did! From the time I started my car yesterday afternoon, the A/C started blowing cold air again. It continues to work fine, so I decided to cancel my appointment with my mechanic.

Does anybody have a comment if I should be concerned? Is there a test that I can do myself to check for some possible problems? Is this a symptom that I should not take for granted? Should I go ahead and have it checked by my mercedes mechanic anyway? I would like to do that, but I am afraid to bring my car to the mechanic, because for sure, he will find something wrong with it(as much as I trust my mechanic).

Thanks for taking the time to read my inquiries. I hope to hear from the A/C technical experts soon.

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