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Steve, thank you for the response. The OVP is new. Could it have failed so quickly? One of the tests in the factory CD states that voltage should be present between pins 5 & 6 of the OVP plug with the OVP removed. I do not have any voltage there, yet this point supplies the air idle valve and I am seeing approx. 5 volts at the valve when the motor is running?????

Dave, wow excellent info!!! Yes, I tried cleaning several times both with carb cleaner and soaking with thinner and again flushing with WD40. Sounds like I might be investing in a new one. When I unplug it while its running, it only makes a slight (100 -200 rpm) difference. Could be a result of low voltage as Steve stated. When I apply 12 volts with the motor running, the idle goes higher. It should go lower. ??????

Again, thanks very much.

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