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To make this as helpful as possible to anyone looking towards an upgrade to Xenon headlights in a W202 I'll explain my process. I ordered the Xenon HID kit from Bekkers; it comes with clear corners, headlight housings and of course the lights. It is supposed to be plug and play. I guess what they mean to say are you donít have to run new wiring. I'll just say right off the bat this isnít a simple unplug the old, plug in the new. On any model 93-00 you will need to take the mud wall off from the wheel well (possibly tire also) on the left side of the car to mount the ballast in the OEM place which is mounted to the frame which you will need to drill a whole into. The other Ballast needs to be mounted to the frame under the horn which will be easiest to do with the front bumper off. After mounting the Ballasts you have the hard part done. If you have a pre 97 model you will need to order 4 pieces. Left and Right side headlight trim and left and right side updated rubber for the trim. These pieces of trim will need to be painted, which you can have done at your local body shop. After getting that done make sure you have the converters for the lights as the old connection is 4 prongs and the new is 5 prongs. If you have that disconnect the battery and change the 7.5amp fuses to 15amp fuses for the headlights. After that start putting in the new lights. Reconnect the battery and start the car....test the lights! Also, donít forget that when you disconnect the battery you will need the Radio Code so that your radio will work again.


PS. At the discussion, pictures and help are under "Bekkers Xenon Install" in the Electronic Upgrades section.

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