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Behr Rads No Longer Sleeved?

I just bought a Nissens radiator from Phil at the Parts Shop (great price and great service, BTW. Got it the next morning!) and was entertaining the idea of returning it and buying the Behr as the Nissens does not have the reinforced hose necks. Phil told me that his sources say that the latest Behrs no longer have the reinforcing sleeves either.

Can anyone confirm this, or know what they might have done to re-engineer the neck area to prevent cracking/separating? I find it hard to believe that they've just gone back to the old version without some improvement in materials or design. The Nissens neck is very thin, and it seems it wouldn't take much embrittlement to eventually do it in, I think.

BTW, I'm guessing that replacing hoses when they show evidence of becoming hard and stiff might prevent some of the problems. I would imagine that engine vibration and rocking being transmitted thru the hose might be one of the culprits.

I've sent an email off to Behr asking for clarification, but I don't expect a reply for probably at least a few days.

Just looking for some peace of mind...

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