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May be I can help you.

I have a 300E and an 1999 Jetta GL standard 4 cylinder auto.
My 300e just went to my son, who is driving it now. It has 24x,000 miles. It still running strong but, I see a valve job in the near future. I figure, it is a safe car and safety is important to me.
I also have a Jetta (wife's) which has standard side air bags, ABS, etc. I call it a mini MB but, it has some problems too. Everything was fixed under warranty. i.e. radio broke, alternator, battery, passenger seat, mirror control, and my doors are making noises now (which I traced them down to a some loose bolts).
I do my own maintenance so the expenses are not too bad.
My point is, any car will give you problems. It is what your priorities are that it is important. It is YOUR car, use your head and not your heart. You will come up with the right decision.
Good luck with whatever you decide.
p.s. If you go for the Jetta, go for the 1.8T.
'86 300E
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