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Here is the whole procedure from my radio recoding guide:
As of M.Y. 1991 version Alpine Radios
Recoding Sequence:
1. Turn ignition key to position 2.
2. Turn radio ON. "CODE" appears on the display.
3. Enter the first digit of anti-theft code from CODE card. "CODE" will disappear and the entered digit will flash on the display panel.
4. Enter remaining three digits (total of four digits). Verify that the correct code is flashing on the panel. If a wrong digit is entered, re-enter code until correct code is diplayed.
5. Press button "*" to complete the sequence. Radio will beep and resume normal operation.

If Unsuccessful:
6. If "HOLD" appears on panel, the radio must be left ON until "CODE" appears. This may take either 15 minutes or 24 hours depending upon the the number of unsuccessful attempts made.
7. Once "CODE" appears, continue with step 3.


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