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Originally Posted by Craig View Post
The biggest one I remember was 1978 in new england:
We got a pretty good pasting from that storm, but nothing like New England got. Not as strong a tidal event here.

"One of the major problems with the Blizzard of 1978 was the lack of knowledge about the storm's severity. Weather forecasting in New England is difficult, and meteorologists had developed a reputation as being inaccurate. Forecasting techniques and technology had improved dramatically in the 1970s, but the public was still quite skeptical. Snow failed to arrive in the pre-dawn hours as predicted, and many locals felt it to be another failed forecast despite the accuracy of NWS forecasters' predictions concerning the Great Blizzard and they went to work and school as normal. Because of this, people did not have enough time or will to prepare properly for the blizzard.[6]"
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