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How do I install (front) shocks on W210

Anybody done this? I appreciate any input, thanks.

Read on for dealer rant...

I was going to have the dealer (MB of Nashville) do it but they have made me mad by their deceptive trade practice, i.e. they told me "$217 parts and labor we'll have it done by five." I said "Wow, you sure, that seems WAY cheap for parts and labor". He reassured me that $217 was out the door cost. Yipee!

Five rolls around, they say "We need to getcha back in here because we only had one shock in stock" - no prob, until I look at the bill. They had shown the special order parts (shocks) at $128 each and the labor, of course, is additional. $326 is the latest estimate, but, who knows, they might need to "revise" it again! I knew I should have told them to FAX me the estimate. I talked to the service advisor and BEGGED for ANY little concession - discount on parts, a little break on labor - he was no help. I left a message for the service mgr five hours ago, haven't heard back. It could be an honest mistake, or they might be reaming everybody this way! MBUSA will hear about this. I hate to whine but do ALL dealers have to be such puckered filthy A******S. I hate dishonesty. I feel better now.
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