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Thanks for all the info guys!!

Everyones right about the Scott bottle, it is an SCBA bottle. I hadn't thought about the leakdown through the valves, the bottle does hold lots of air, enough for me to breath for almost and hour(if breathing regularly) it at about 4500 psi, and I have a tool regualtor to bring it down to any pressure I want with air tool type fittings on it. I've run an air ratchet constantly for over 45 mins on one, but like you guys said since I haven't done this before I guess I'll try to get my hands on a compressor. As for the valve spring compressor, thanks to whoever said the "lisle" style didn't work to good. I know performance products sells the MB style, I wonder if anyone rents them. Anyone know of any other good ones??? The consensus of opinion is that I don't need a new chain, oil had been changed religously at 3000 mile intervals, no noise or such coming from it even when cold. I had just always heard to replace 'em at about 100k -120k.

Thanks guys
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