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1991 300E need help wiring replacement radio

Ken - I read your threads and hope you can help me.

I have a 1991 300E with an aftermarket Clarion DXZ275MP with the wire harness included for 4 speakers, power antenna, memory etc.

My 300E has 6 speakers - dash, doors, rear shelf along with the working fader wheel in the console all stock.

They cut and spliced into one of the speaker plugs and tapped into the power wires.

All of the plugs and wires are still here to re-solder and connect back even the plug that was cut.

I would like to rewire the Clarion directly into the 6 speakers: 4 on the front and two on the rear.

I cannot figure out which speaker wires are directly associated with each speaker and which is the ground wire.

There is a very, very thin black wire. Is that the ground?

If I decide to use a tap, which wires are for each of the 6 speakers?
Also can you make a harness for this so it can return to original when desired and how much would that be?

All of the Clarion information is on the INTERNET for their wire harness.
Thank you very much.

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