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There are a number of things that could cause your overheating problems. To name a few, you could have a stuck thermostat. Or you could have lost antifreeze. Both of these can be checked easilly. When you say that the auxilliary fan(s) are operating, are you sure that they are operating at high speed? There are two speeds to these fans. Low speed is triggered when A/C pressures are two high. The high speed fan is triggered by high coolant temperature. With the hot weather prevalent now, you could potentially have the aux fans come on low speed which may be insufficient to lower coolant tempearture. Are you sure that both aux fans are coming on? They should both be on or off together. If only one fan is operating, you have a bad fan or wiring to the fan. One fan operation may not be sufficient to handle the summer temps. If the fans do not come on when engine temp approaches 110 degrees, you may have a defective temperature switch, a blown fuse in the fuse box, a bad aux fan relay, or you may have blown the fuse that is plugged into the aux fan relay. If the fuse at the relay is bad, and is 15 amps, replace it with a 20 amp fuse (as has been done on most 94/95 E320's). Hope this helps.
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