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Vibration Issues - 95 E320T

Hi All,
My E320T has continual vibration in the chassis at speeds>60mph. The dealer initially thought it was my tyres (XGTZ4). They were rebalanced several times but problem persisted. Winter came, I mounted Arctic Alpins on the same 16x7.5 rims and the problem disappeared.
I just bought some new HX MXM4s and the problem has returned. The wheels have been rebalanced five times and on each occasion all wheels have been found to be significantly imbalanced.
Upon inspection of the wheels, the rear was found to have a minor hop, but the dealer felt that it was not the wheel which was causing the vibration.
Any ideas? Could a minor hop in a rear wheel explain such vibration? Drivetrain, alignment and suspension components appear to be fine!
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