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89 300ce radio issues

hi,my factory radio is doing some pretty wierd things,i just recently installed a new front/rear speaker fader switch due to lots of static then no sound output,then the radio would not turn on when pressing the power on button,after about 10 tries radio turned on,but only played sound out of the right speakers,now radio is turning on all by itself,also i cannot get radio to power off,when this occurs the display reads very strange number/codes and different functions are displayed,next the radio refused to shut off,it was like it was locked,finally i shut engine removed key from ignition,and radio was still locked but powered up,it did not lose power even after pulling key from ignition,next morning i found my battery to be dead.this condition keeps happening,now in order to shut radio i remove fuse # 9,until it happens again,any ideas as to what my issue is? bad ignition switch? bad radio power buttons? please help,thanks
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