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Here is a little update on the situation, pretty wierd I think,
this morning I started the car and no clonk, clonk noise, then I
remembered that yesterday I had one wheel ( back left )
up on the curb. I backed it up on the curb and of course
the clonk, clonk sound started, this was when the car was
cold. So I take it to the mechanic but not able to reproduce
the problem.

I talked to him about the timeing, and of course he said
that there is no way that the chain can be one tooth off.
In his words "Then the car wouldn't start", he tried to
give me the run around, tune the engine bla bla a little
back and forth, then I got him to agree on checking that
the timeing is ok, or and set it right if it's off.

We will see tomorrow, obviously it's time to find a new
mechanic, somebody that knows his stuff.

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