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Well, at 50K I had to have ball joints, lower control arm bushings and drag link replaced in my 97 C280 - and I drive like a grandma. I just don't think these cars hold up as well as they should (as far as suspension stuff goes). Overall the car is great - and better looking than the newer models. It seems this particular MB is too engineered - so much so that any one thing gets slightly out of spec in the suspension then the car wobbles. I've got 2 '97 C280s and their repair histories are virtually identical. My wife drives one, me the other. It's been an interesting experiment to say the least. Would I do it again? Yeah, with the caveat that the suspension will require a lot more work than would seem necessary. MBDoc, SteveBL any thoughts on this? You guys have saved me lots of $$ in lieu of all this. THanks!

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Mark E.
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