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My climate control is coming out this week and my mechanic is good but I want to send him some help. this thread should help.

Originally Posted by Roncallo View Post
The best way to describe this is to get the 107 service CD, For the most part everything is in there accept the CD appeares to describe the proceedure for an early 107 probably 1972 car. It certainly leaves out a few steps for the 560SL. Most of these extra steps are posted in a thread I started called "Will Sadie Ever Run Again".

The CD starts by saying to remove the seats, this is not required for the 560SL but may be for a 79 450SL.

It basically goes like this.

Remove stearing wheel, instrument cluster, radio, center console, interior trim arround windshield, under dash covers and side and foot air ducting, parking break knob, Light switch, 3 center swiches, glove box and light and switch and disconnect AC temp sensor in dash and side vent control cables underneath. Dash then removes with a nuts and fender washer on each side and 1 bolt in the center. Flexing of the dash will be necessary and if your dash is not cracked you may want to think twice before doing this.

This is not too difficult but it is time consuming, figure about 5 hr to remove and 5 hr to reinstall if you never did it before. Then figure anout 3 hours to remove and 4 hr to install the second time you do it. A good professional MB tech could probably R&R this in 4 hours total.

Then may I ask why are you removing the dash, Is it to fix a vacume element. Figure another couple of hours to remove the heater cover and repair the box and replace the actuators tire . Be carefull the box is old brittle plastic and parts are no longer available.

John Roncallo
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