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Intermittant dash lights

The lights on my 1988 300e dash cluster have been acting weird, specifically antenna, rear light, rear headrest, sunroof, shifter and window switches. Yes, I've replaced the bulbs where possible, but I noticed something else - there are two different harnesses for the switches on the dash. All of the switches for one harness light up but the switches for the other harness do not. As I've traced this out, I found that the problem is with the blue/white wires going to the switches/bulbs and not with the ground. There is obviously just a bad connection somewhere because they come on every once in a while but where does this connect? I opened up the dash and found where about 5 wires connect to two different screws but they aren't getting any power either. So, anyway, like I already said, does anybody know where this blue wire eventually connects?

Thanks in advance


oh, by the way, if I can't find out where it connects, would it cause any harm to just solder a jumber between the two harnesses?
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