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Originally Posted by BJaltima View Post
Sorry to ask, but just got a '77 450sl and will be wanting to change the much tranny fluid is required to refill when you've also drained the torque converter? Thank you.
Hi BJaltima, The MB manual says 7.9 litres for change...8.9 litres total capacity.

When I changed mine, I used the 27mm socket on the crank pulley to align the Convertor drain...and used a nice new 5mm Hex key on the plug as it was in tight and a bit sus looking. I also had the front of the car up on ramps not just for access underneath but also to enable draining of the radiator cooler tube and associated lines. Seemed to work OK as I blew some air through it after a while and the lines were pretty well clear. Not many auto trannys where you can essentially totally clear out the old fluid this easy.
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