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Originally posted by yhliem

by the same token, the 500E is more roomy. I HATE sitting in the back seat of a 190E. too cramped back there.
Heh.. what are you doing sitting in the back?! Shouldn't you be driving!?
I sometimes sit in the back of mine if I'm adjusting audio setup, or fixing something, and you're right there's no room in there. But at least I don't have to drive when I travel with friends.. I hate the extra miles and the sluggish performance with any more than 1 person on board

Ah yes, one more thing I forgot to mention - ride quality. How are the 2 cars? I love my 190's ride - supersmooth and the low mileage means there's no knocks or bangs. I don't mind too much if the car is jostled about a little by changes in height of the road surfaces, but I don't want, say, poorly surfaced roads and other sharp intrusions to come into the cabin. How's the 16v on this?

Jeez I'm starting to sound real 'pernickity' now huh?

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