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Whats the casting number?
If I were to do anything, id replace the input shaft seal, easy to get to with the tranny out.
Probably, you should just fire it in, change the fluid, drive it a few days with a lot of shift changes, and see how bad its leaking from everywhere, and how it works overall.

thats when you spend your time listening for bearing noise at certain times. Should be two countershaft bearings, one input shaft bearing, two output shaft bearings, (one small one seats inside the input shaft, so its kind of shared between them). A total of 5 main tapered bearings to listen for. After that, I think there are an additional 2 or 3 supplementary needle bearings also.

lets see- If you have noise with the clutch engaged and the transmission in neutral, it could be input bearing, input/output bearing, or countershaft bearings.

If you have noise only when moving, but not with the clutch engaged and transmission in neutral, it can only be the input/output bearing, or the output bearing.
I think thats about as specific as you can get listening on that tranny, then you would have to dive in and look them over.

All this is only after you've eliminated any possible external source of noise, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, carrier bearing, ect

Powerflow goes through the input shaft, then down to the countershaft. In neutral with the clutch engaged, these shafts are both still turning, but the output shaft is idle.

If it works fine and doesn't leak, its gravy time.

The side shift lever seals, pivot point O rings, and output shaft seal can all be done with the transmission installed in the car, but the input shaft seal would cause you to pull the tranny down again.
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