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This is actually an issue in a lot of hobbies involving restoration, for example, I was reading an article from a historian that suggested that restoring 1930's and 40's television sets to working order, which is basically impossible without some (not visible without close inspection) modern componentry, was a crime against the future.

I saw a Cadillac on Car Crazy last week that had been in a barn between 1941 and 2002. They got the engine running, but that was it. The cigarette butts in the ashtray were put in there by the driver and passenger before WW II. The car will not be restored further, although the owner has a multimillion dollar Cadillac collection rivalling GM's own museum pieces. I got the impression that he was most proud of this, easily his "worst" example.

With cars the interest in originals and drivers is a sort of an iconoclastic revolt, much like the "rat rod" revolt in hot rodding. Building a hot rod was becoming a ridiculous and very, very expensive arms race, with chrome-plated frames and even engines, 10,000 dollar ultra-exotic paint (and that's not even "installed" on the car), and so on. At that point, the cars don't mean anything to anybody except to the people writing up the bills.
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