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I like the survivor idea as well, the last issue of Classic Car is all about unrestored originals, very good read.
I have just a few period correct , but not period original ( which I pointed out in my application) parts. The radio is a 612 Becker, correct for latter models, and my dash pod is from a latter year, although the speedo and gauges are original to the car. I have door chrome strips that came in at a latter date as well , but I think look very good and serve a purpose
I have traced its history from 1981. From 1972 till then is an unknown, but original owner was from Missouri. There is some sketchy reference to being in Germany , but I cannot prove that. I do know when I went to put the euros on , the wiring was actually set up for the euros, and looked like it had been refitted for the sealed beams, so its possible
In 1981 it had 105,000 miles , looked as though it was a daily driver for someone until 1992 when in went into "restoration" with 129,000 on the odometer. By the look of the old pictures , rust had taken a toll. Evidently it was placed on the back burner in someone's garage until 1997 when a local body shop obtained the title. From 1997 until 1998 -99 she underwent extensive body work and paint and interior work, and once again placed on "furlough as an occasional weekend driver. She went from the color brown and navy to the "pearl and buckskin" she wears today. I became aware of this car in 2001 and was able to convince the owner to sell it to me in 2007 with 137,000 miles on the odometer. When I obtained the car she was in bad need of mechanical work and returning her to her original state, there were some modifications to the engine, sound and vacuum systems and was missing a lot of parts from the period. Over the last two years I have been able to return her to as near period 1972 as possible, including the recent addition of her euros.
I was contacted by the sponsoring group after I had it out in the Christmas parade here in town. I had the King and Queen in the back! It was cold but it was grand fun, I even drove it home 12 miles with the top down!. Talk about getting looks.
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